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How does this work?

Potential traveler points of interest (hereinafter referred to as „points“) – hotels, restaurants, cafes, museums, exhibitions and events places, which traveler can visit when comes to the city. At this purpose, the „point“ is available for a minimum of 1 euro + VAT fee to subscribe the first adaptability evaluation, after that the „point“ appears at http://thefamilyplaces.com map – this is the first step, which refers to a “family user”, that at that point is The Family Place.

Each member of The Family, involved in THE FAMILY PLACES project and become an expert on the map by visiting the following „point“ makes the „point“ evaluation. Depending on the amount of positive reviews system gives priority degree for the „point“ and a trip for Family person who is planning the trip.

Being such project, whose first large object – city (country Lithuania), in cyberspace, there are dropping a competitive challenge to any other city or country. Even with the most famous objects, which impossible to see, the city will have less attraction for The Family, than the city in which a each member of the family certainly will know that „points“ are adapted for him. Objects adapted for all Family members are very close to seniors needs. This means that a triple of potential users and the city (country) is becoming much more attractive for those are planning to travel.