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The Project “The Family Places” offers the best conditions, together with the family to spend a holiday, visiting interesting attraction centers, such as leisure parks, the Knights of palaces, museums, water parks, familiarity with nature, national parks, sports activities, such as cycling, swimming or hiking. The most important thing is all over the place and care for the guest safety.

Such as diverse as entertainment and the supply of accommodation: bungalows, rest homestead, campsites, youth hostels, families and children adjust hotels – choose the desired option.

Travelling with children

Talking about holidays or just rest, perhaps, the discussion often begins with what better holiday – Lithuania or abroad. Of course, and as a better – or actively patingint. When you are traveling or just going to shoping, because you want to be sure that your family will not suffer as discomfort for parking, because You went to a foreign country and You want to be sure that you will be able to take advantage of accommodation the whole family. This is the project “The Family Places”. Here all the family members can find their proper places: both with young children and with many entrance to traveling. Here is everything you need if you are traveling with a family.

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